Design, Installation and No-Dig Technology

We specialise in all types of installation work.  Because every system is different, we will arrange a time to come out to inspect the current structure, discuss your requirements and provide recommendations and a quotation for the required work.

We may recommend repairing the existing system or, if this isn’t possible, installing a new system.  There are a number of reasons why a system may need repairing or replacing e.g. root intrusion, construction work, collapsed pipe due to age, incorrect original installation.

One of the techniques we use for repairing pipes is No-Dig Technology.  This is an efficient and less intrusive solution as it requires little or no excavation.  Rather than excavating the damaged pipe, a liner is inserted and inflated.  It is then cured in place so that it creates a new pipe inside the old one.

If the No Dig Technology isn’t possible, we will work with you to find the best solution for your system needs.


Unblocking & Cleaning

If your drain needs unblocking or cleaning urgently call our emergency call out service, available 24 hours a day.  We also offer a scheduled maintenance programme tailored to your needs.

We use medium to high pressure jetting units to clear blockages and clean drains.  The pressure from the waterjets break up blockages and loosen hard debris. It is an extremely effective method of clearing and cleaning drains, maintaining the flow of water for longer and removing blockages before they become a potentially expensive problem.


We have a range of jetting vehicle including:

  • Van packs with medium and high-pressure jetting units;
  • Combination units with high pressure jetting and suction capability;
  • AquaVac unit with high-pressure jetting and deep suction capabilities. This vehicle is ideal for removing large amounts of silt and debris that a standard vacuum unit would not be able to remove;
  • Recycler unit with high pressure jetting and suction capabilities. It reuses water for continuous jetting and so is used specifically for heavy jetting jobs.  Its efficiency achieves a significant water saving and puts much less strain of our environment.  It is capable of desilting lines of up to 200m.

If unable to clear the blockage a camera survey will be recommended.  The survey will allow a detailed inspection of the current structure and identify what the issues are.  A report will be produced which explain the findings and makes recommendations for the system.

We have a variety of units from van packs to large combination jetting units that can reach sites and systems with difficult access and terrain.  All our engineers have many years of experience, are fully trained and are equipped with the latest technology to ensure a quick resolution to the problem.


CCTV Drainage Camera Survey

Using the latest technology to find the problem and provide a solution

There are a number of reasons why a CCTV drainage camera survey may be required:

  • Problems with your premises’ drainage system;
  • Property buyers who need a survey before buying to check the condition of the system. This may be a requirement by their mortgage lender;
  • Insurance companies where a survey is needed because a property owner has put in a claim for drainage work;
  • New builds and housing estates;
  • Rodent and pest activity inside premises.

We use a push rod system or a remotely-controlled camera which is lowered into the drain and the camera relays images back to the unit.  A digital recording is generated for the customer as well as a full technical report.

The written report gives an analysis of the findings, assessment of the structural condition and integrity of the system, highlights any specific issues and makes recommendations on how to resolve the issues.  This is all carried out with minimal disruption to your property or the environment.


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At Hefin Thomas Agri Contractors Ltd customer satisfaction is a top priority. Whether you’re an existing or new customer and whether your enquiry relates to an ongoing maintenance plan or a one-off emergency, contact us today to discuss your needs or arrange for a free quote.

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