Drainage Installation & Repair

Design, Installation and Repair inc. no dig technology

We specialise in all types of installation work.  Because every system is different, we will arrange a time to come out to inspect the current structure, discuss your requirements and provide recommendations and a quotation for the required work.

We may recommend repairing the existing system or, if this isn’t possible, installing a new system.  There are a number of reasons why a system may need repairing or replacing e.g. root intrusion, construction work, collapsed pipe due to age, incorrect original installation.

One of the techniques we use for repairing pipes is No-Dig Technology.  This is an efficient and less intrusive solution as it requires little or no excavation.  Rather than excavating the damaged pipe, a liner is inserted and inflated.  It is then cured in place so that it creates a new pipe inside the old one.

If the No Dig Technology isn’t possible, we will work with you to find the best solution for your system needs.


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