Hefin Thomas Emergency Call-outs Across North Wales

10th August 2021

We’ve been busy recently responding to your drain-related emergencies! Here’s a roundup of some of the emergencies we’ve attended in the last few months.

Don’t forget we’re available 24/7 for any waste management needs such as:

  • Emptying Septic Tanks and Treatment Plants
  • Emptying Grease Traps, Road Gulleys and Interceptors
  • Unblocking and Cleaning of Drains, and Culverts
  • Carrying out CCTV Drain Surveys, Culvert Surveys and Septic Tank Investigations
  • Repairing and Excavating of Drains using the latest Technologies
  • Road Sweeping, and Dust Suppression Units

Emergency Drain Cleaning

We were called out to a blocked drain emergency at a council property in Holyhead.

We have medium to high pressure jetting units for jobs like these where the pressure from the waterjets loosens debris and clears blockages. We also have recycler units that reuse water, allowing for continuous jetting.

Our units attended in record time and got the blockage cleared. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a drain flowing freely after a blockage is cleared!

Emergency Road Sweeping

When we say our emergency call-outs are available 24/7, we mean it!

We were called to clear this highway in the middle of the night when heavy rain caused a deluge of mud to cover the road. This is extremely dangerous for drivers, so was important to get cleared ASAP!

Two of our sweepers attended, using their combination of brushes, suction hoovers, and dust suppressors to get the road cleared before the early morning commuters were out of their beds!

Emergency Septic Tank Empyting

Unsurprisingly, we’re commonly called to attend septic tank-related emergencies!

The tank was overflowing at Adventure Parc Snowdonia recently, so we sent one of our tankers to attend! John arrived and sorted the overflowing tank problem in no time. He was tempted to surf after emptying the tank, however we’re high in demand so he didn’t stick around!

We also sent one of our larger units to an emergency at a Caravan park in Anglesey recently!

To avoid emergency septic tank situations, we do offer scheduled emptying services as well as free health checks! Our health checks cover a variety of structural and functional aspects to help maintain a good working system.

Whilst we’re always here to help, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared so you don’t get struck by an emergency!

Emergency Overflowing Pumping Station

Pumping stations are integral to transferring wastewater and sewage.

We were called to assist with an overflowing pumping station at a care home in Anglesey. We sent out units to empty the pumps allowing repairs to be undertaken by Site Water Services. We often collaborate with other companies to get the jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Here’s to another busy few months of emergency repairs! Don’t forget to give us a call or get in touch below if you need!

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