CCTV Camera Surveys for Drainage, Septic Tanks and Culverts

Let us find the cause of your drainage, septic tank or culvert problem

Hefin Thomas Agri Contractors Ltd offers detailed CCTV Camera Surveys for Drains, Septic Tanks and Culverts across North Wales.

If you are experiencing problems with your drains, septic tank or culvert, a CCTV camera survey can the most cost-effective way to find out what is causing the problem by quickly obtaining accurate information on the condition of the system. We use a remotely-controlled specialist camera system which is lowered into the drain, septic tank or culvert and the camera relays images back to the unit.

The complete CCTV Camera Survey package

Hefin Thomas Agri Contractors Ltd offer a complete CCTV camera survey package.   Customers are provided with a digital recording of the CCTV footage as well as a written report.  The written report gives an analysis of the findings, assessment of the structural condition and integrity of the system, highlights any specific issues and makes recommendations on how to resolve the issues.

Another benefit to this procedure is that there is minimal disruption to your property or the environment.