Interceptors & Road Gullies – Preparing for Winter

25th October 2021

With the winter months comes more rainfall, increasing flood risks.

We’ve been working hard for our clients to make sure they’re ready for the winter ahead by being prepared to handle the increased rainfall. During the summer and autumn, a lot of gullies, drains and interceptors become clogged with debris such as fallen leaves. People don’t usually notice that this has happened until the rain comes and doesn’t drain away as it should, causing flooding.

That’s why we’ve been servicing, emptying and inspecting drains, interceptors and road gullies to reduce the risk of flooding.

De-sludging Gullies on the A55

Here is our gully emptying team working hard on the A55 to clear out the gullies. This was performed later in the evening to ensure minimal disruption to commuters.

What do we do with the interceptor waste?

Ever wondered what we do with all the waste we remove from your interceptors? Why not have a look?

We take it to a specific waste site that processes and recycles it.

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